Your scent personality is inner strength and feminine allure! You are captivating and take pride in your existence. You love fragrances that are rich with florals, fruits, and woods!

Make an impression with our long lasting perfume oils that fits your Classy & Confident scent style!

Confidence Perfume Oil Embrace your inner strength with Confidence. This perfume oil is a pleasant combination of florals, fruits, and woody scents. With a fragrance that includes notes of peony, freesia, apricot, pear, sandalwood, amber, and vanilla, you're sure to make a personal statement everywhere you go. Take pride in your existence as a strong woman of Confidence.

Significance Perfume Oil Captivating…this scent is an embodiment of the feminine allure. Significance perfume oil is a blend of florals, fruity aromas, and sensual musk. Step out in this unique blend of red berries, citrus, water lily, vanilla, cashmere, and tonka bean. Use this fragrance to display the richness of your personality as a woman of Significance.