Perfume Oil Samples


We offer individual samples to our esteemed customers who would love to connect with our hand-poured fragrances before making your purchase.

2 ml Perfume Oil Sample:

ConfidenceThis perfume oil is a pleasant combination of florals, fruits, and woody scents. 

EleganceThis clean and fresh fragrance is thanks to the perfect blend of orange blossom, apple, citrus, patchouli, and powdery musk.

MagnificenceWith just a whiff of the sweet and floral blend of bergamot, freesia, orchid, jasmine, rose, and patchouli oil.

OpulenceThis rich fragrance contains coffee, white flowers, orange blossom, vanilla, and patchouli that blend smoothly to produce the sweet-smelling scent of a classy woman.  

Significance- This perfume oil is a blend of florals, fruity aromas, and sensual musk.

SucculenceThis perfume oil is a special sugary fragrance with cotton candy, raspberry, orange, lily of the valley, vanilla, and musk.



Customer Reviews

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Naomi Saint Germain-Lucien

This perfume is long lasting and smells so good!!