Your scent personality is all things sweet and romantic! You exude sophistication and sensuality in every way! You love fragrances that are sweet, fruity, and floral!

Turn heads with our long lasting perfume oils that fit your Sweet & Sophisticated scent style! 

Magnificence Perfume Oil Here is a scent that will enchant your senses of sensuality. With just a whiff of the sweet and floral blend of bergamot, freesia, orchid, jasmine, rose, and patchouli in this Magnificence perfume oil, you will float on the wings of sophistication. Celebrate love for yourself and others as a romantic woman of Magnificence. 

Succulence Perfume Oil Unlike other fragrances you have come across, Succulence is pure bliss. This perfume oil is a special sugary fragrance with cotton candy, raspberry, orange, lily of the valley, vanilla, and musk. Display your inner sweetness and innocence as a stimulating woman of Succulence. This is a head-turning fragrance perfect for you.