Your scent personality is daring and irresistible! You're not afraid to make a statement with style and grace! You love fragrances that are captivating with a sweet and spicy blend.

Make a statement with our long lasting perfume oils that speak to your Bold & Fabulous scent style!

Elegance Perfume Oil Style, grace, and sophistication…these are the three words that describe Elegance. This clean and fresh fragrance is thanks to the perfect blend of orange blossom, apple, citrus, patchouli, and powdery musk. Step out donned in Elegance perfume oil and make an impression as a classy woman of Elegance.

Opulence Perfume Oil Do you have a daring and mysterious side? Then express it with Opulence. This rich fragrance contains coffee, white flowers, orange blossom, vanilla, and patchouli that blend smoothly to produce the sweet-smelling scent of a classy woman. With Opulence Perfume oil, you can be an irresistible and unique woman of Opulence.