Significance Perfume Oil


Embody feminine allure and captivation. Significance perfume oil is a blend of florals, fruity aromas, and sensual musks, including red berries, citrus, water lily, vanilla, cashmere, and tonka bean. Display the inner leader and the richness of your personality as a woman of Significance.

Our perfume oils are hand-poured, contains no alcohol and water, making them long-lasting and moisturizing on the skin. We carefully source the highest-quality ingredients with a blend of natural oils, essential oils, and safe synthetics.

10ml / .33 oz roll-on perfume oil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

All I have to say is, SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.

So pretty

I love this scent. It’s perfect to apply at any time of the day and it’s crisp, yet feminine.

Lordia F.

I love this scent! It exudes a lovely soft sensual feminine scent. The scent is captivating and long lasting. It’s a feminine allure.

Martha K
I LOVE this scent!

I pretty much consider myself a scent connoisseur. To say I love perfume is an understatement. I received a sample of Significance as part of a gift box for an event. I’ve never been into perfume oils because of a bad experience. However, the instant I put Significance on my skin, I was in love. It’s gorgeous, feminine and soft. I thought to myself, ‘it probably won’t last but a few hours’ but I was wrong. The scent not only lasted the whole day, it got better as the day wore on! I love, love, love this scent! It’s my new favorite.

Falia Justima
Amazing Scent!

I am really impressed with this scent. The whole collection is great, but Significance is the one for me. It is lightly fragranced and long lasting on my skin; just a drop goes a long way. Highly recommended 100%.