Perfume Oil Gift Set


A trio of our perfume oils that are hand-poured, contains no alcohol and water, making them long-lasting and moisturizing on the skin. We carefully source the highest-quality ingredients with a blend of natural oils, essential oils, and safe synthetics. 

Set contains three, 10ml / .33 oz roll-on perfume oils.

Confidence- This perfume oil is a pleasant combination of florals, fruits, and woody scents. With a fragrance that includes notes of peony, freesia, apricot, pear, sandalwood, amber, and vanilla, you're sure to make a personal statement everywhere you go.

Elegance- This clean and fresh fragrance is thanks to the perfect blend of orange blossom, apple, citrus, patchouli, and powdery musk.

Magnificence- With just a whiff of the sweet and floral blend of bergamot, freesia, orchid, jasmine, rose, and patchouli in this Magnificence perfume oil, you will float on the wings of sophistication.

Opulence- This rich fragrance contains coffee, white flowers, orange blossom, vanilla, and patchouli that blend smoothly to produce the sweet-smelling scent of a classy woman.

Significance- This perfume oil is a blend of florals, fruity aromas, and sensual musk. Step out in this unique blend of red berries, citrus, water lily, vanilla, cashmere, and tonka bean.

Succulence-This perfume oil is a special sugary fragrance with cotton candy, raspberry, orange, lily of the valley, vanilla, and musk. Display your inner sweetness and innocence as a stimulating woman of Succulence.

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